Shimpling Park Farm Collaboration

We’re proud to say that our sourdough loaves are 100% East Anglian and Organic. A good portion of our flour is milled right here at Cradle! In recent months we’ve been milling an organic heritage wheat blend grown just 7 miles up the road by John and Alice Pawsey of Shimpling Park Farm.


“We have been growing a blend of heritage grains at Shimpling Park Farm for a number of years now and are really excited about how they have adapted to our organic farming system. Increasingly disappointed by modern wheats in terms of grain quality, we are gradually switching to heritage grain which offers higher grain protein, better competition with weeds, more resistance to disease and a more robust defence to pest attacks. They are also taller than modern wheats which means that they produce more straw which we then cultivate back into our soils to increase our organic matter which Is great for water infiltration and feeds soil life.

We are really excited about supplying Holly and Christophe at Cradle being our nearest baker and for matching our own enthusiasm about this new venture!” John Pawsey

The Little Earth Project

The little earth project are a local, small and creative little brewery. So when we’ve got some excess that we can’t use for our dishes, we hand it over to them to work their magic!

Rescue Apples

During the summer of 2018, we were told that there was a local closed fruit farm, with masses of apples about to drop and rot. So we picked 500kg of them and drove them up to the brewery where they are brewing a beautiful blush cider.

Sourdough Kvass

We keep all the dry bread crusts that are left over from our lunch service. We reckon they’re too good for the compost! Although we do use a portion of it for breadcrumbs, we were building up quite a stock. But never one to refuse a challenge, Tom from The Little Earth Project, set a side one of his oak barrels for us and we spent a windy autumn morning with him brewing a Cradle Sourdough Kvass.

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