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Our name

We decided on the name “Cradle” after learning about the Cradle to Cradle® design model. Using this model, products can be designed from the outset so that, after their useful lives, they will provide nourishment for something new – continually circulating as pure and viable materials. In short, waste materials in an old product become the “food” for a new product.

Read about the Cradle permaculture garden to see how we implement these ideas.

And for something really special, join us on a Saturday evening for our ‘after-hours’ supper clubs.

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Social Enterprise
Our full company name is Cradle Foods CIC. We’re a certified social enterprise and Community Interest Company. A CIC is a business with primary social and/or environmental objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

Our objectives (outlined in our mission statement) are built around encouraging people to make better and more informed choices about the food they are buying, eating and throwing away.


We love plants…

Everything at Cradle is suitable for vegans because we believe a plant-based menu promotes a healthy, compassionate lifestyle with minimal environmental impact. If we can get it local, we’ll take it, if it’s not seasonal, we’ll wait, and if it’s seen better days we’ll still make use of it. Whether we’re supporting a local certified farmer, a local allotment grower, or just a neighbour with a big apple tree, we always chose to reduce food waste and keep our money circulating in the local community. Reducing food miles and eating locally grown, organic seasonal food is better for the planet, small farmers and the community’s economy, and it’s a great way to keep in step with the natural world.

… and hate waste…

The menu at Cradle is pretty small compared to what is deemed normal these days and that’s something we’re proud of. Restaurants with more choice have lower standards and generate more waste, that’s a fact. We bring food-production in-house and minimise distributors whenever we can. This cuts packaging, conserves energy and resources, and reduces food waste. It also keeps us creative! The little food waste that we do produce goes directly into our own compost at Cradle’s very own permaculture garden, aptly nick-named “The Grave” bringing us one step closer to closing that loop.

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